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The facts surrounding how fridges run & get worn in holiday environments is well known to E.F.S. Not only that but the satisfaction of the tenants is paramount to their overall holiday. Having been number 1 for customer service & satisfaction we know how important it is to you to maintain & our speedy solved onsite solutions cannot be beat.

With a history of knowing how holidaymakers appreciate quick service to their concerns we offer just that.

As for resort management we cater to the biggest bulk rates for work to be applied to multiple dwellings so that your benefitting from the huge savings in product & installs while maximising the overall efficiency of power consumption & appliance longevity for the years to come.

Of course with our expertise each job gets a range of  complete service required including mould removal, surface cleaning, seal conditioning, door leveling & any structural repairs that may be required.

Our Warranty period is extended 33% for all orders.

For these reasons alone E.F.S has always been your number One choice for the last 17 years.

Please contact us at anytime to discuss what we can do for your business.

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