Points of Interest

  • Faulty, old, hard or broken seals can cause your fridge to run 2,3 or 4 times more than a fridge resealed by Eco Fridge Seals.
  • Food can spoil 2-3 times faster with faulty Fridge Seals.
  • Signs of Faulty Fridge Seals include: Icing, water leaking, Higher Power Bills, food spoiling, weak grip when opening, Pests in the fridge & seals, broken or torn or mouldy fridge seals, fridge/freezer door not closing correctly.
  • 90% of Fridge Seals break first at the BOTTOM of the fridge door, due to spillage, making it hard to notice until its too late. The fact that Cold AIR FALLS means the fridge runs far more than it should, causing your power & food costs to rise significantly. Eco Fridge Seals provides all its customers with handy tips to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.
  • Magnetic Door Seal grip should be present after the fridge has been closed for at least 60 seconds or longer. If the Door opens without suitable resistance then the seals are inefficient while doors are closed. This particularly common amongst many of the newer models of fridges as well as the older, well used models.
  • Your fridge motor, thermostat & gas can wear out much quicker with faulty Fridge Seals, causing greater long term expenses.
  • Self-Defrosting cycles can use 2-3 times more power to defrost than the refrigeration unit does to cool. Frost Free fridges are Very important to keep running Efficiently with Eco Fridge Seals.
  • Mouldy Fridge Seals cause the seal to go hard & loose its ability to suction. Eco Fridge Seals offers all its customers solutions to combat the problem with its 14 years of experience.
  • Ants & Cockroaches form nests under Faulty Fridge Seals, giving them access to the contents of your appliance.