7 years ago Jason came & re-sealed my old Westinghouse fridge freezer. Immediately all my ice & water problems were fixed, he told me how I could easily maintain the seals & it’s helped them last with years of use.

When the next power bill came round it had dropped by $80, & we have been saving that every 3 months ever since.

I also saved on wasted food going off or freezing in the crisper. I am amazed how much difference such a small thing could make. I wish I didn’t put off as long as I did. Thank you Jason, I’ve recommended you countless times over the years. Best of luck with Eco Fridge Seals

Mary Watt


I rang Jason a few years back to decide whether to get the fridge seals fixed or buy a new fridge. Jason pointed out that the fridges problems could be solved by his service for much less than a new fridge. Unfortunately we decided to buy new, retiring the old fridge to the garage. 18 months later our new fridge’s seals fell to pieces at the bottom & we called Jason to come & re-seal both the fridges. Turns out that our old fridge now works better than the new one so we swapped them around again. Not only did we waste $1200 on a new fridge, but our power went down $70 each 1/4 after getting the old one done. I’m sorry I didn’t book you at first Jason, about $1500 sorry.

A word to those reading, Don’t make the same mistake I made, it’s better spending that amount on yourself.

Terry Johns


I rang Eco Fridge Seals after speaking to Seal a Fridge & asking for Jason to come & reseal my fridge again after 8 years of use. I was treated extremely rudely with regards to asking for Jason. I was then quoted $90 for a call out or over $200 to replace the seal again ( he wasn’t sure what the cost would be ?).  Not feeling confident, I did a quick google search & found that Jason had left the franchise & created his own business. Ringing Jason i got my confidence back in his service. He knew what had happened & quoted me roughly half the price with a longer warranty. Jason came out, again arriving on time, & solved my problem seal & door align repair making it stronger than ever. There is something to be said about having 15 years experience in a job that provides the highest satisfaction to his customers. Jason was the Seal a Fridge guy we all wanted to use for fridge seals & nothing has changed , except for his business name, reduced prices, better quality & extended warranty. Do yourself a favour, make sure its Jason that does your fridge seal work.
Charlie Issac